UK Space Agency seeks to award new ideas for InCubed programme

UK Space Agency seeks to award new ideas for InCubed programme

The UK Space Academy said that it is seeking ideas from UK companies for the InCubed programme for bringing innovative systems and products to market faster and help Earth Observation businesses compete in the international marketplace.

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For this, funding of over £800,000 is available to the British space sector as part of the European Space Agency (ESA) support for innovative commercial projects pertaining to Earth Observation.

Among the unique features of the InCubed programme is the opportunity for organisations to work with ESA for benefitting from the agency’s expertise. At the same time, participation in the programme is expected to boost further growth in the UK’s space industry.

UK Space Agency Earth Observation industrial sector lead said: “We depend on observations of the Earth from space in every day life, as they underpin weather forecasting, monitoring climate change, mapping our environment, and much more.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the innovative new Earth Observation products and services that the UK space industry will develop thanks to the InCubed programme.”

The British space agency said that UK organisations looking to submit a proposal to the InCubed programme have to complete and submit the UK InCubed pitch form on ESA’s Ideas website by 26 July 2020.

Activities under the programme will fall under the categories – space segment, ground segment, and data segment.

The space segment will include activities pertaining to any Earth Observation related product that can be used in the spacecraft. The ground segment will have activities confined to the ground segment of an earth observation satellite system.

On the other hand, the data segment will have activities associated with the processing and the use of the Earth Observation data.

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