UK Space Agency launches space innovation programme

UK Space Agency launches space innovation programme

The UK Space Agency has launched a space innovation programme, which will initially fund £15m on projects associated with Earth observation, communications, and international partnerships.

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The agency is seeking applications from interested parties for the National Space Innovation Programme (NSIP), whose objective is to help in the development of innovative products, services, and technologies that can be applied in the space sector.

The NSIP will provide co-funding to industry, research organisations, and academia, who want to advance their innovative ideas that can potentially expand the UK space sector, generate high-skilled jobs, and address global issues.

In the current funding call, the UK Space Agency is inviting proposals for the two themes revolving around Earth observation technologies for tackling climate change and using satellite communications technologies to boost connectivity for the use of autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and robotics. For the two themes, £10m of the funding will be allocated, said the agency. Each of the projects can bid for a grant ranging from £200,000 to £2m.

The closing date for submitting applications for taking part in the space innovation programme is 2 September 2020.

According to the British space agency, the launch of NSIP is a first step towards enabling the country to compete more effectively on the global stage with other nations which have dedicated national funding for space.

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