Links to UK Rocket Clubs

Links to UK Rocket Clubs
  • HART:
    HART – Hornchurch Airfield Rocket Team are now a small group of rocketeers that do rocket workshops and displays for shows, schools and other groups. See their website for details.
  • EARS – East Anglia Rocketry Society:
    The East Anglian Rocketry Society have a flying site to the west of Cambridge and hold regular flying events on the first Sunday of the month from March to December. EARS also run the BIG EARS 2 day event in May. See their website for details.
  • FOG:
    Fins Over Gwent fly from their site at Redwick on the Gwent levels. Attendance is open to all BMFA and UKRA members.
  • MARS:
    Established in 1991, the MARS Advanced Rocketry Society has grown into a national group of rocketeers committed to pushing the limits of non-professional rocketry, developing new rocketry technologies, breaking records and developing launch capabilities for a space shot. MARS was one of the founder groups of UKRA, and MARS members were involved and are involved in the UKRA Safety Code development. MARS are based in and around London, although they are non geographic and have members from all over the UK and overseas and travel extensively.
  • Midland Rocketry:
    Midland Rocketry fly rockets on A to J motors every 2nd Sunday of the month at their large site near Twycross. They are friendly and welcome new flyers, youth groups or the seasoned flyers equally. They host a national weekend event in October every year. See their website for more details.
  • SARA:
    Scottish Aeronautics & Rocketry Association. Based in the West of Scotland, caters for everything from 1/2 A to M class. Regular meetings held most months at their Fairlie Moor launch site -home of the IRW high power launches.
  • NSRG:
    The North Star Rocketry Group are based in West Yorkshire. They hold model rocket launches locally, and attend HPR launches around the UK.
  • Aspirespace:
    Aspirespace is an enabling U.K. rocket engineering society that trains up the next generation of rocket engineers and enthusiasts through hands-on rocketry projects, supervised and safety-monitored by professional rocket engineers.
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